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Priscilla Fowler Fine Art is the home of Priscilla Fowler’s art studio and also an exhibition space for contemporary art by local, regional, and national professional artists. Ideally located in the center of the Las Vegas Arts District, this gallery and studio draws many hundreds of local art-lovers on First Fridays and Preview Thursdays as well as art-loving tourists who visit the Las Vegas Strip and then want to see what else Las Vegas has to offer.

Priscilla Fowler Fine Art features well-curated fine art, including her own colorful biomorphic abstraction, that is both compelling and attractive.  The gallery’s flexible space allows for solo and small group exhibitions in a range of media and subject matter, including painting, sculpture, mixed media and collage, fiber, and ceramics.

mar 6 – 28, 2020

Microcosmic Intricacies: Iterative Ruminations

Patterns of lines, shapes, and dots in Charles Livingston’s Infinite Drawing series are initially anxious but become calming through its repetition and gentle variation from one impression to the next. Checking each work by the date it was created (which serves as a title), you can imagine the painstaking, repetitive process of that day, created entirely in pen and ink. The sheer number of lines and points seem incalculable. This introspective erraticism also emerges in a site-specific installation, made of twine, and of tar; the materials have a more dimensional and odorous presence than the drawings. Together, Livingston’s works show us how he forms experience and memory from an array of single instances.

Robert Mirek’s sculptural forms investigate the connectivity of organic forms, manipulating materials until they are recognizable only in their new states. His Seeds, Comets and Shuttlecocks series are manifestations of dual compositional elements, implying both movement and reproduction. You can imagine these unique lifeforms moving through space at microcellular and celestial scales, reproducing and forming alien systems on their own. In both his Threads and Strands series, diatom structures create unique symmetries and shapes, veins binding and connecting their foreign anatomies. Each variation on a theme is a new interpretation of how this emblematic infrastructure has built itself up, a conscious germination.

Opening First Friday: March 6rd, 5-11 PM

March 6 – 28

Upcoming & Past Shows

march 6 - 28, 2020

Please join us in experiencing a selection of artworks by Charles Livingston and Robert Mirek at the Priscilla Fowler Fine Art Gallery that explores both intricate microstructures and the potential of their expansion through drawings, installation, and bas-relief sculpture. Each artist’s work can be described in philosophical language, but the viewer’s enjoyment doesn’t require words per se. It is enough to stand in front of a piece and follow its shapes and lines and bits of color as if looking at a “Where’s Waldo” child’s puzzle. These are artworks that will entertain indefinitely or gently guide one in meditation.

3-6 PM January 11, 2020

Priscilla Fowler Fine Art Gallery is honored to host a one-night benefit exhibition showcasing artworks created by Las Vegas Homeless Artists. All proceeds go to the shelter, and all monetary, clothing and non-perishable food donations will be accepted. The Las Vegas Rescue Mission is committed to helping hundreds of men, women and children daily, and providing approximately 30,000 meals each month.

Dec 18, 2019
- Jan 4, 2020

What better way to round out the year than with a show that presents our wonderful community of artists. We will be accepting entries, first-come, first-served, for this open-to-the-community exhibit. No jurying! Open to all including children! We want to see what you’ve got to show us and Las Vegas!

Submission fee $20 per work, which must be for sale and ready to hang. Artist receives 70% of sale.
We will open the show Dec 20th, 5 – 11 pm with a grand pot luck reception. Bring your favorite dish to share with everyone. 

Oct 31 - Dec 14, 2019

The Priscilla Fowler Gallery is proud to host Portmanteau: Play with the Rules, a traveling exhibition showcasing works by architects prompted to design around the scale of the familiar suitcase object. Portmanteau, the classic unfolding traveling bag, lies central to the compact scale of these artworks, but their scope expands around themes like travel, surveillance, identity and architectural practice. These thirteen artworks created by 21 artists tackle a diverse group of topics: Design As Play! challenges us to work together in creating communities that can withstand climate change.

Sept 5 - Oct 26, 2019

David Baird: A Survey reprises David’s work in Between the Lines: Biblical Speculations, an exhibit showing through late August at the Dadian Gallery of the Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, DC. Between the Lines includes sculpture, monoprints, and paintings. Our exhibit includes many of David’s small “journal” pieces as well, which he creates three of daily as part of his artistic practice.

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